The Level and Determinants of Organizational and Marketing Innovativeness in Industrial Enterprises Functioning in the Polish Market on the Basis of Data for the Years 2010-2012

Abstract: The main aim of the article is to present a recognition of the factors inuencing the innovative activity (organizational and marketing) of industrial enterprises in Poland. It was decided to specify 5 potential variables explaining innovative activity of enterprises. Multiple regression was used to test the significance of factors. The results show that the share of micro companies in the given division of manufacturing turned out to be a significant factor in determining the level of activity in the scope of marketing-related innovativeness. Companies owned by foreign subjects display higher activity in the sphere of innovative activity. The share of bank credits in short-term liabilities turns out to be a serious barrier to implementation of organizational innovations.

Authors: Krzysztof Lobos, Miroslawa Szewczyk
Keywords: organizational innovativeness, marketing innovativeness, en- terprises, Poland
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
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