Cognitive Processes as a Factor in the Development of the Literary and Creative Talents of Children

Abstract: This paper describes and analyses the results of experimental courses designed to improve the role played by cognitive processes in the development of the literary and creative talents of young school children. It was proven that these talents can be developed through improvements in some of the structural components of these talents, in particular creative imagination, figurative thinking and logical memory. The individual influences of these components, as well as the interrelationships that exist between them, were studied. It was established that task-oriented and simultaneous activation of the processes of creative imagination, figurative thinking and logical memory in young school children during their studies greatly contributes to the development of their literary and creative talents.

Authors: Oleksandr Kushch, Olena Malykhina, Jan Gregor
Keywords: creative imagination, figurative thinking, logical memory, literary and creative talents, development factor
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
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