Comparison of Multiple Criteria Decision Making Approaches Evaluating eGovernment Development

Abstract: This paper focuses on the comparison of selected multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) methods for the evaluation of eGovernment development. Multiple criteria evaluation of alternatives is regarded as the basis of MCDM problems. The methods are defined as a set of techniques which aim to rank options, from the most preferred to the least preferred, with a view to supporting decision makers in their selection of the most appropriate alternative under uncertain circumstances. The application of the methods in practice therefore has great potential. As interest in the application of selected MCDM methods has grown, it has also come to encompass the issue of eGovernment development in terms of its ability to modernize public administration. The research in this article is based on the results of the following MCDM methods: WSA; TOPSIS; and MAPPAC. These methods are compared in terms of their applicability and reliability for the purpose of evaluating eGovernment development.


Authors: Eva Ardielli
Keywords: comparison, eGovernment, MAPPAC, MCDM methods, TOPSIS, WSA
Volume: 9
Issue: 2
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