Does a Label Have a Taste? Available Information and their Effect on the Perceived Quality of Wine by Czech Students

This paper discusses information input and its influence on the consumer decision process. Authors conducted an experiment to determine, whether the information available to consumers have the potential to influence how they perceive product quality and as a result, influence the output of the consumer decision process as well. The assumption was verified by conducting qualitative research – a wine tasting experiment. The aim of this paper is to bring attention to the presence of irrational consumer behavior in a situation, where the authors deliberately seek to influence consumers’ sensory evaluation of product quality by providing them with certain information.

Authors: Jan Závodný Pospíšil, Lucie Sára Závodná, Monika Václavíková
Keywords: Consumer behavior, irrationality, quality perception, information, wine
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
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