E-shops and customer feedback: experience by Czech B2C customers

Abstract: This paper deals with customer feedback given to e-shops by Czech B2C customers. There are three aims: (1) to find out whether respondents have already given their feedback to an e-shop, (2) to investigate the nature of given feedback (with emphasis on possible gender difference: men vs women), and (3) to ascertain the nature of a reply to customer feedback. In order to get relevant data, a quantitative approach was used and data were collected by means of questionnaires. Findings show more than one half of customer has given feedback to an e-shop. Their feedback can be described as rather positive, dealing with bought products and also with speed of delivery, trying to help to the e-shop and also to other customers. As for reply to customer feedback, it seems that the character of the obtained reply could influence the level of customer satisfaction. Some recommendations for e-shops (e.g. managerial implications) were derived: to really send a reply (for a customer it is probably an indicator that feedback is taken seriously) and to formulate a reply more personally (to avoid general phrases).

Authors: Petra Martíšková, Roman Švec
Keywords: e-shops, Czech B2C customers, customer feedback, reply to customer feedback
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
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