Gender Differences in Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is an important factor for all employers who want to build a stable, innovate company that can increase its market share and prosper. Employees who show high engagement are one of the basic prerequisites for such success. A number of previous studies have looked into the issue of engagement, however, they did not focus on gender differences. Some recent studies have provided multivalent conclusions in this respect. The main objective of this article is to identify whether there are statistically significant gender differences. These differences are identified in all basic areas of engagement i.e. atmosphere in the workplace, satisfaction with management and potential staff turnover. The sample set comprised 315 automotive employees working in blue-collar positions. The results were established and verified using the Mann-Whitney U Test, Friedman´s ANOVA, Kendall´s coefficient of concordance and the Wilcoxon signed-rank test (paired difference test).

Comprehensive analysis showed that no crucial, statistically significant gender differences could be identified. However, it was found that women are more loyal to their employer than men, who tend to be more self-confident and independent. Nonetheless, the attitudes of men and women were found to be the same when it comes to engagement.

Authors: Alice Reissová, Jana Šimsová , Kateřina Hášová
Keywords: employee engagement, atmosphere in the workplace, gender differences, potential staff turnover, satisfaction with management
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
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