Innovative Method for Assessing the Quality of Special Wood Products during the Production Process

Innovations in the assortment of special wood products made by small manufacturers, and not by major manufacturers in terms of quality and environmental credentials, enables them to compete successfully on the market. For the final phase of the production process, these products require a precisely chosen surface finishing treatment.

The purpose of wood treatment is to protect a specific adherend against the adverse effects of external influences, as well as mechanical, chemical and biological damage. The requirements for the quality of the surface treatment are dependent on the function and purpose of a particular product.

At present, beyond surface characteristics, there are no other evaluation criteria that take into account the diverse morphological characteristics of wood, e.g. reflectance as a result of the surface reaction of wood to the application of different types and layers of coatings.

The research presented in this article focuses on determining the most important qualitative criteria with regards to the surface treatment of special wood products (by assessing the morphological characteristics of the wood´s surface by means of an experimental optical laser) during the production process of these products, which are produced by a limited number of small manufacturers, are produced in an environmentally friendly way, and are competitive and sustainable.

Authors: Eva Ružinská
Keywords: qualitative criteria, production process, innovative optical laser
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
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