Integrated Management Systems as a Tool for Achieving Continuous Improvements in Performance

Abstract: The paper presents an analysis of the factors that affect the performance, efficacy and efficiency of the implementation of integrated management systems in an organisation, as well as identifies the potential problems that might occur during this process. For an organisation to operate successfully and effectively it is essential to regulate and manage it in a systematic and transparent way. The continuous improvement of an organisation’s activities and processes also involves the introduction and maintenance of management systems that are designed to permanently raise an organisation’s performance, whilst addressing the needs of all stakeholders. The purpose of the continual improvement of integrated management systems in an organisation is to increase the likelihood that customer and stakeholder satisfaction is achieved.

Authors: Marta Karkalíková, Rastislav Strhan
Keywords: quality, management systems, performance, improvement, efficiency, environmental management system, organisation
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
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