Intergenerational Learning through the Use of ICT as a Tool with which to Reduce Early School Leaving among Immigrant Pupils

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to present intergenerational learning through the use of ICT (Information & Communications Technology) as a tool with which to reduce early school leaving among immigrant pupils. The first part builds on a review of current literature and contemporary assumptions about learning and intergenerational learning as a particular form of learning. The second part of the study presents the findings from a review of policies on reducing early school leaving among immigrant pupils in Europe. The conclusion focuses on putting forward recommendations for practice with regards to the use of ICT for intergenerational learning in order to improve the educational performance of immigrant pupils.

Authors: Joanna Leek, Marcin Rojek
Keywords: intergenerational learning, ICT in education, early school leaving, young immigrant pupils, older generation
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
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