Internal Conflict Resolution between Employees: Methods Applied in Companies in the Czech Republic

Abstract: Project management is an integral part of the life of companies. It helps them to manage projects of different sizes, scopes and financial value irrespective of whether it concerns new products, services, the implementation of new company IT systems, internal processes, etc. Regardless of the project circumstances, there is always a project team, with members drawn from various backgrounds–professional experience, seniority, work ethic, age, and usually gender. However, differences among team members can cause friction.

An important factor for success is good, healthy communication, which may include conflicts. Within this context, the project manager, among others, should be a very good conflict solver, or even a trained mediator who can lead constructive conversations. These conversations should enable team members to express their different opinions with the aim of achieving the best possible result, i.e. the prevention of unnecessary conflicts, the minimisation of bad ones, and the reduction of time lost to them.

The research presented in this paper shows that managers spend up to 30% of their time managing conflicts, in other words, not doing their job, as is the case for the employees involved in a conflict. As a result, companies suffer from lower productivity and spend money on conflict management activities that in many cases are avoidable.

Authors: Radka Lankašová
Keywords: conflict resolution; mediation; workplace conflict; conflict management; project management
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
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