Local Impact Assessment in the Czech Republic – the Theoretical Framework of Analysis

Abstract: The text presents the theoretical framework of Local Impact Assessment presenting it as a new and effective tool of decision-making on the level of local administration. Although controlling elements of Regulatory Impact Assessment were already implemented on the state administration level in 2008, such implementation on the level of local administrations is not being conducted homogenously and often by taking the subjectively selected qualitative as well as legal inefficiencies into consideration. Decentralizing public administration has been a modern trend in economy of public sectors; Local Impact Assessment can be a key tool for effective blending of the public and private sectors.

Authors: Radek Soběhart, Aleš Rod, Jiřina Jílková
Keywords: reagulation, local impact assessment, regulatory impact assessment, new public management, public policy, public service, finance
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
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