M-learning – Use of Mobile Technologies in Teaching

Abstract: Modern technologies are becoming an important part of education. Its broader application is however hindered not only by the fact that schools are insufficiently equipped with these technologies, but also by the fact that schools are increasingly struggling with its misuse. Examples of misuse include the unethical use of mobile telephones by pupils in classes, the release of manipulated teachers´ records onto the Internet, and the like. However, it is also important to note that schools do not yet offer many opportunities for the meaningful use of these up-to-date technologies. This research project deals with the design of a course on mtechnologies for the further education of pedagogues. The output of this research project is an original course that provides a manual for the concrete application of mobile facilities in teaching and the opening of a creative space for teachers in individual schools to approach these problems.


Authors: Petr Svoboda
Keywords: m-learning, m-technologies, research, course, ICT
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
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