When foods are transported have to be complied numerous safety requirements.
These have to be met in packaging of the goods so as to maintain food safety.
Consequently, this article describes the use of package for the transportation of food,
active and intelligent packaging used to improve food safety. It is necessary, know,
which Regulations regulate requirements for packages and materials for packages.
Packages have to be produce from safe and approve materials. For transport
companies is important know, which mean of transport and transport equipment use
for this type of goods. It is also necessary to ensure the transport of such goods is
approved and designated vehicles, their description is also provided in this article.

Authors: Jozef GASPARIK, Veronika GABOROVA,Dominika ROVNANIKOVA, Marina ZANNE
Keywords: package, foodstuff, package function
Volume: LOGI 2016 (Volume: 7)
Issue: Number: 2
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