Product Innovations in the Manafacturing Processes of Special Composites


At present, in order to maintain a sustainable production process and achieve real business competitiveness, attention needs to be paid focused planning of innovations in production systems. Major innovations are the product innovations where significant improvements can be reflected in technical specifications and new materials, that are significantly different from the original products, thus replacing the products and materials that are absent for the needs of different sectors of industry.

In our research, we have focused on product innovations in the field of modification of existing polymeric materials for the preparation of new special composites for various industries. Based on the study of the rheological behavior of polymer mixtures and the determination of the optimal technological conditions of the manufacturing process (melting of polymer mixtures and subsequent spinning), the complex evaluation of the formed supramolecular structure and the characteristics of the fiber-forming composites we have experimentally prepared new types of special composites.

Authors: Eva Ružinská
Keywords: product innovations, manufacturing processes, special composites
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
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