Zinc has its place in society with sustainable development. Anti-corrosion
protection of steel, which has a lifespan of several decades, saves the iron ore, energy,
transport, as well as reduces the emissions especially carbon dioxide. For this reason,
demand for the hot-dip galvanizing has been rising every year. Growth in waste
production created by the hot-dip galvanizing process is inextricably related to the
higher production. The paper deals with the reverse logistics in operation of hot-dip
galvanizing. At the beginning of the paper, issues of reverse logistics are described.
Subsequently, waste logistics in the Czech Republic is generally characterized. The
most important part of this publication presents aspects of waste recycling produced
from the hot-dip galvanizing and particular measurements within zinc ash melting was
realized as well.

Authors: Martina HLATKA, Larisa M. KAPUSTINA, Ondrej STOPKA
Keywords: reverse logistics, zinc, hot-dip galvanizing, waste, zinc ash
Volume: LOGI 2016 (Volume: 7)
Issue: Number: 2
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