Sharing Economy – a Challenge of the 21st Century?

Abstract: The objective of the study is to point out the growing importance of sharing economy within the current discussion about the development of advanced economies after the economic crisis between 2008-2009. The study focuses on determining the growing importance of sharing economy in the context of GDP, growth factors of sharing economy in current conditions, and social benefit function of sharing economy. The study also focuses on other sharing economy challenges of the 21st century that are connected to the overall change in human behavior, growth of importance of modern technologies for everyone, trying to lower transaction costs, and increasing the quality of life of all households. The study’s conclusion aims at summarizing the importance of sharing economy for modern society in advanced economies.

Authors: Peterka Pavel, Soběhart Radek, Jílková Jiřina
Keywords: sharing economy, GDP, transaction costs
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
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