Research into Double Limited and Heterogeneous Social Networks in China

Abstract: This paper explores the microscopic behavioral characteristics of various nodes in a social network and the macro-evolution law of its formation. Taking the Sina microblog in China as an example, the article presents a multi-agent simulation analysis on the Netlogo platform. The results show that a double limited and heterogeneous feature is possessed by the social network, namely the limited size of the network and the in-degree and out-degree of the nodes, as well as the heterogeneous attributes of the nodes. Compared with a small-world and scale-free network, the double limited and heterogeneous social network can better simulate a real social network. It not only has the overall structural characteristics of a small-world and scale-free network, but also microscopically reflects the influence and control of different types of nodes in a social network.

Authors: Xiaobo Tao, Yan Xu, Jianbo Tu
Keywords: social network, double limited, heterogeneous
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
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