The Thermidorian Reaction and the Fate of Jacobins

The article will focus on existence of the Jacobins and their influencein France after 28th July 1794, including the fate of their supporters, ex-Terrorists, sans-culottes and Jacobin clubs. It will mainly focus on two aspects: excluding the Jacobins from political and social life in Thermidorian France (July 1794 – October 1795). The text will successively discuss the Conventional purges, removal of sans-culottes from provincial political arenas and their social isolation, issues with poor distributing of rations and consequent uprisings, dissolving of the Jacobin clubs across the country, mass releasing of alleged suspects and at the same time imprisoning political enemies, subsequent prison massacres, installing new supporters of the regime and overall institutional changes in new, cleansed France.

Authors: Michael Dudzik
Keywords: Jacobins, Thermidorian Reaction, Convention, French Revolution, 1794
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
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