Cryptocurrencies and their Position in the financial market

Volume: 1/2023
Issue: 1
Author: Yelyzaveta Apanovych, Jakub Šafář
Keywords: Cryptocurrency, investment, profitability, financial market

The article aims to identify the position of cryptocurrencies on the financial market and evaluate the profitability of invested capital in selected cryptocurrencies for the period between 2018-2022. The data needed to identify and define selected cryptocurrencies and then model investment examples are obtained using the analysis method. Based on the obtained results, the comparison method is used, where the subject is the profitability of cryptocurrencies. Then it is determined which of the analysed cryptocurrencies is the most profitable for the monitored period. The return on invested capital is calculated using the ROI method as part of the fundamental research. The results showed that Bitcoin showed the most significant profitability.

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