Peer review policy

Each paper will be submitted for a preliminary review in which editors ensure the paper complies with the submission guidelines, as well as the focus and scope of the journal, and does not have any identifying information in order to ensure a blind peer review process. All manuscripts will be submitted to a plagiarism detection service prior to peer review.

After the initial editorial review, each paper will undergo a double-blind peer review process.

  1. Editors will email selected reviewers the title and abstract of the submission as well as an invitation to log into the Journal of Valuation and Expertness website to complete the review.
  2. Reviewers enter the website to agree to do the review, to download submissions, to submit their comments, and to select a recommendation.
  3. Alternatively, reviewers have the option to decline, or to decline and suggest other possible reviewers.
  4. If the peer-review reports come back recommending either to accept or to revise the manuscript, an academic editor will then copyedit the paper and conduct an editorial review in order to validate the data sources, fact-check the references, and make a final recommendation to the editor in chief or guest editor.

Academic copy editors will actively search for the original sources cited in the manuscript to ensure context and accuracy, even after a plagiarism checker clears the paper for peer review. Unfortunately, the editors have encountered cases in which authors copy materials in one language and try to pass it as their own scholarship in another. As such, if at any point during the editorial and review process plagiarism, duplicitous or redundant publishing, academic dishonesty, or research misconduct is found, the submission will be summarily rejected and the author may be precluded from submitting manuscripts for a period of 1 year. For more information, please see the Journal of Valuation and Expertness Ethics Statement.

In the case of manuscripts that are returned recommending revisions required or resubmit for review, the author will have no more than 30 days to revise and resubmit the manuscript. If the author does not resubmit after that period of time, the manuscript will be declined, and the author will have to submit the manuscript for a new review.

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