Instructions for authors

Please enter your submissions in the sumbimision tab and they will then be sent anonymously to the reviewers.

The paper must fulfill the terms of originality and must not be offered to another publisher. Note that the appearance of the paper will depend largely upon the care the author takes in preparing the original manuscript and graphic material. The author is responsible for all proofreading and layout. If not, the paper will not be accepted by the editorial board of the journal.

The paper must be written in English or Czech language. Electronic full paper submissions are only acceptable in Microsoft® Word document, optimal extent of the paper is 8 to 12 pages (it can be later). The document should be sent on the address Papers will be reviewed by two reviewers. The review will be secured by the editorial board of the journal.

If you have any problem with conditions mentioned in this document or you have any questions regarding the preparation of manuscripts, it is best to have them answered now – please, contact us on the e-mail address For other details, please, download the template, which is an example of how your paper should look to be published in the Journal of Valuation and Expertness, edited in Microsoft® Word. Authors are required to observe the stencil given in this part including the format. In case you are not sure about the format, you can just click on the requested place and in the column “style” you can see how to format the text. The paper must follow the structure which is shown in the template.

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